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Genetic B3 Harmonizer

This tool was designed by Stein Music and made in Germany by a benama Mr. Stein inventor Harmonizer, which, along initially the tool was applied to audio through the products of the famous Stein Harmonizer H2, with the aim of helping the acoustic space in order to generate a frequency of 7.83 Hz which is the natural resonant frequency of the Earth.

Earth's natural frequency was first discovered by Professor Winfired Otto Schumann in 1952 (then known as the Schumann Resonance). Maybe we do not understand what influences the frequency of 7.83 Hz which is fairly low for audio frequency, because we know that the frequency range is not audible to the human ear. But in fact, a tool called Harmonizer B3 made by Genetic able to improve the quality of car audio system.

Genetic B3 Harmonizer latest products made in Stein Music is a refinement of the product before C2 Harmonizer product, comes with a new, more practical packaging.

We know that the normal conditions, the subwoofer position normally located in the rear cabin of the car or even in the trunk to reproduce low frequencies, has an important role in generating harmonic frequencies above the other high frequency. Naturally, if the low bass effects not reach the hearing in front of the dashboard, so as not obtained optimal soundstage

So what can be obtained by placing the Genetic B3 Harmonizer in your car audio system? With the deployment of the tiny dimensions on the dashboard, it is able to accommodate all the high frequencies including low frequencies produced by subwoofers in order to focus on the front of the cabin, is certainly very helpful in obtaining a panoramic stage (soundstage) as desired.

From the hearing test results, it is evident that the Genetic B3 Harmonizer able to:

- Establish a soundstage with a solid sound imaging

- Featuring live music performance are detailed, including the display of a very subtle layer

- Control the frequency sub-harmonics from the subwoofer sound reproduction

- Improving the ambience of cabin space

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