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Thursday, 28 November 2013 00:00

Futuristic design with luxurious sound results

Futuristic design with luxurious sound results

Last time reviewing this product from Slovenia about two years ago. At that time, the ZR-12M is a midrange driver costliest ever Autostereo Review. Manufacturing is indeed impressive, in addition to products that are filled with innovations, most of the drivers claimed homemade hand made.

Along with the development, ZR products in Indonesia is currently held by the Center Audio as the sole agent Zvone Raspor. As we know, Audio Center also holds a few products such as Genetic, Foss, XM and Kill Audio Tech.

Zvone Raspor is known as Hi-end products derived from the European continent and consists of 3 line-up. Entry Line, Prestige Line and Line Extravagance. Seems Center Audio directly utilize the midrange driver featuring a figure called Planar 12. Manufacturers call it Ultra Slim Midrange, and was listed as the Prestige Line.

Special Treatment

As the newest product in 2012, Planar 12 relatively late entry into Indonesia. Perhaps this is due to the displacement transition ZR sole agent in Indonesia. For midrange size of 4 ", Planar 12 included into the thin ranks of drivers, even very thin.

Mounting depth is only about 25 mm. This is due to the unique structure created by the driver designer ZR. At the bottom there is no longer bulge magnet, the bottom plate that was left was once a pillar of spider and part of the frame.

So, where are the magnet and voice coil motor of which become a speaker? Apparently, ZR designer has created a new style in the motor system. Used magnetic structure has three functions at once, as a phase plug, and of course as a magnet Tyoke.

The material itself uses six neodymium magnets are arranged so as to produce a strong magnetic field and adapted to the design. Voice coil is placed on the top, or at the phase plug. With this form, the movement of the motor speakers would be more linear, and the exact shape of the speaker becomes thinner.

As Stereo Mania know, Zvone Raspor has its own material and treatment to the voice coil and basketball. Still using a crutch order Stabilit-aluminum, so naming given by ZR. This material is a combination of some of the material so that the result is very strong but lightweight. When weighed, the weight of Planar 12 is only about 215 grams.

While other materials that are made available specifically to complement the midrange drivers, such as hand wound voice coil, with a conical paper coating materials, as well as a strong but elastic spider. For the design of the Planar 12 ZR seems obligatory thumbs up ... two thumbs up ...


Planar 12 @ Lab

Seeing the results of testing the Planar 12 ZR looks satisfactory, good views of the TS Parameters Frequency Response chart though. Generates very low Fs for midrange driver, able to break the 82 Hz. Offset by the value of Q which is ideal. But to produce such a low frequency, it takes a little box with a large volume.

Autostereo tries frequency response. The results are impressive, ranging from the frequency of 100 Hz to 10 Khz looks flat with a good dynamic range. Based on these measurements, it would be nice if the Planar 12 remains supported by the tweeter and woofer drivers.


Luxurious Sound

Planar ZR 12 are expected by the designer to be one of the drivers with a very wide frequency range. This means that the driver is not only as a midrange, but can produce a full range drivers. This manufacturer is creating a driver for the vehicle, but with the Planar 12l designers expect ZR can be applied to the needs of other sounds, such as being near field studio monitors.

ZR claimed that the sound of a Planar 12 is very natural with no phase shift with a wide frequency range in its class. But with its thin, is expected to be easily applied to the vehicle.

Lab Autostereo try not to miss the sound of the drivers that are marketed at a price of 15 million. First tested on a full range that is placed on a box size of 1 liter. As usual, the CD IASCA and several others voiced support CD.

Aura was immediate magnificent voice, her voice naturalitas indeed prove to be accurate with very clear detail. But to try it alone, there remains less frequency. His voice is fuller and richer and at the time of Stereo Lab took woofers and tweeters. It feels more hit ....


Supporting system :

Head unit Clarion HXD-2

Amplifier Gramond GC-X

Amplifier Crescendo Sonata 4

Speaker 2 way Scan Speak Revelator

Interconnect Harmonic Harmony

Speaker cable MST Melodia Stage-1


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