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Materials : mixed pure copper and silver
RCA Head : silver coating rhodium
Shielding : silk mix with teflon



Myth high end cables have to be expensive already disproved by the presence of RCA cables Genetic refference. It has been tested at the high end home audio enthusiasts. What are the advantages of this Refererence Genetic RCA cable.

First, Genetic Reference RCA cable construction relies RCA jacks of materials and wire silver rhodium coating of pure copper plated silver, and shieldingnya using mixed silk nylon material.

Second, the composition of the material used appropriately taken into account, both materials used silver, rhodium levels set forth for the selection of the coating material purity copper used. All the ingredients were blended into the wire to deliver the audio signal.

Third, all of the material composition that has become the wire combined with RCA head for proper lambda value calculated. That is why the length of the cable is so unique and varied.

However, the results of this cable ready pitted with any brand in the world and whatever expensive. Instead, the designers fisolofi cable "cable without a cable using a" manifest in the RCA cables Genetic refference. Which makes confusion, this cable is offered at a price that is very very competitive.

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