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Power Output : 4 x 100Watts
THD : < 0,1%
Frequency Response : 10Hz - 40KHz
S/N Ratio : ≥ 85dB
Input Sensitivity : 121mV
Speaker Impedance : 2 - 8Ohm
Power Solid State : Tube Characteristic
Length : 11,8”
Width : 7,4”
Height : 2,7”



Of the various types of amplifiers on the market, the GT 4100 Genetic amplifier amplifiers offer different concepts of most amplifiers in its class, and has several advantages. namely:

First, the GT 4100 is designed with a strong character. A design will have a strong character if it is supported by the main function. The main function of the amplifier is to amplify the signal. Therefore, the amplifier Genetic GT 4100 is designed with the concept of a purely to amplify the audio signal as optimally as possible.

Second, the consequences of a pure amplifier design, the various features that do not support the amplification avoided, as it can affect the purity of the sound signal can degrade sound quality. Low pass and high pass crossover filter and subsonic filters are usually available as an amplifier features. Not available at this amplifier, because the electronic circuits of this crossover filters can affect the sound quality. By doing so, the space available in the amplifier casing just to put the initial amplifier components and circuit power supply.

Third, in accordance with the concept of pure amplifier, then the feature is available only features that support amplification, such as gain settings. In Genetic gain adjustment GT 4100 is available individually on each channel are available.


Fourth, by minimizing circuit which does not support amplification, the distortion that can affect the sound quality can be suppressed exhausted. Conversely, the distortion that can enhance the sound quality is maintained as second harmonic distortion. Second harmonic high that makes solid state amplifier Genetic GT 4100 is capable of producing sounds that air tube.

Fifth, amplifier design with a classic look that reflects classic amplifier concept that promotes the function of amplification and sound quality with high second harmonic.

Sixth, to the size of the amplifier, power amplifier 4 chanel Genetic GT 4100 is fairly compact dimensions. This is because the GT 4100 has a heatsink that is effective in removing heat from the work of the amplifier. Therefore, this amplifier is maintained stability while working to enlarge the low-level audio signal. Naturally, when the amplifier's Genetic 4 channels capable of producing sounds that air tube but not so hot.


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