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Thursday, 17 September 2015 05:49

Review Foss Dueta MK-II

Review FOSS Dueta MK-II

As with previous versions Dueta Mk I, fullrange driver Foss made this time a pair of lovebirds who still rely on exactly the same dimensions, only the konus be different, where the Mk I backed paper materials are natural, whereas Mk II more rigid polypropylene.

Foss Dueta Mk II, while only supported by a conical measuring 2 inches, but can be counted on to show lower frequency reaches 85 Hz, which is certainly very helpful in the reproduction of low frequencies, especially on the box with a volume of 300 ml followed accurately, it should be generated midbass solid effect.

Display driver with sturdy construction, coupled with powerful neodymium magnets, no doubt if Dueta Mk II wanted to deliver a high end sound character with a high degree of efficiency. As evidenced by the frequency range up to 20 kHz, and can be relied on to show that qualified treble quality.

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