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Frequency Response : 2KHz-27KHz
Power Handling : 20 Watts
Sensitivity : 89dB
Impedance : 4 Ohm
Dimension GT 308 S/B
Length : 2,36"
Width : 2,36"
Height : 1,1"
GT 206 S/B
 Diameter   2,36"
 Height   1,1"


Genetic speakers included in this type of electrostatic speakers. This type of well-known speakers reliable in reproducing the high frequency sound. Sound from these speakers tersimak seamlessly in devouring attack-decay at high frequencies. Electrostatic speakers generally have a high sensitivity and a high resonance frequency sound reproduction anyway so often tersimak forward. Another case Genetic AMT Super tweeter tersimak not produce sound forward. Choice of black at home these speakers will easily get the impression that the weather loudspeaker less on dim.

Meanwhile, silver color options become separate points in helping the cooling speakers, because this silver color capability can reject solar heat. With so heat is not absorbed and menjalarkan to other components. Cooling speaker is needed in order to work the speaker sound output is maintained stable.

For aesthetic purposes when combined with a mid or fullrange speakers else, Genetic offering circular speaker home <Genetic AMT Super tweeter 206> and the <Genetic AMT Super tweeter 308>.

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