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When creating an audio system the first thing that must be considered is to select the type of head unit. How head units will be selected according to the audio system will be installed. There are 2 types of head units that we know which head unit single din and double din. The difference of both the double-din head unit has 2x the frame of a single din head unit. Double din head unit generally has a feature DVD players and LCD measuring 6 "and 7", plus multimedia features that support. Well, for SQ car audio system, features of which features to consider in choosing a head unit that is:



1. Crossover: This is a feature which is used to determine the intersection point of a speaker, the tweeter should not suppose a bass sound, otherwise a subwoofer should not be issued a high


2. Equalizer (EQ): This is a feature that helps us when we are in the car audio system mentunning. The more the number of bands in the equalizer that is, the more we correct errors in frequency. There are 2 types of EQ are graphic and parametric EQ.


3. Time alignment (TA): This last feature is a feature that the time delay to the audio signal. By TA we will get a voice amid the dashboard or the so-called center of the stage. The third feature of this very important role in generating maximum sound in a SQ system. All three of these features can be found in several head unit single din and double din.


The other one to consider is the RCA output, RCA output will determine the SQ system we want, be it with 2way or 3way speaker system. There is a head unit that has RCA outputs from 2 to 8 RCA outputs. Each head unit has a sound character that is different. Each head unit also has the ability to process sound different. So the last one, buy products that have warranty.

So how about for those who intend to buy or want a head unit with this kind of application analaog on its SQ system? Differences analogue and digital head unit that is on the head unit analog, we can not set the x over, time correction and EQ in detail. Many audio aficionados are fond of using the head unit because most of them want analog sound natural without any seasoning in the sound.

Price analog head units are usually more expensive than most head units in general. And his regular head unit only analog home audio produced by the manufacturer. All depends on your taste .... All returned to their respective sense of hearing. But for in car audio, needs of today's digital head unit is so high. Acoustic room in the car to make the sound produced is not coherent than the speakers mounted in the room or in the home audio.

Well when the head unit was instrumental digital repair missing or peaking frequency, spatial stage and errors on the volume and the angle of the speaker. Last in this meticulously tips make sure the product purchased has a warranty with good after sales, so between the seller and the buyer was not harmed. Congratulations Choosing Carefully!!!!

Di  From Autostereo Magazine Issue # 115,  nstaller Sections Tip



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