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Tune up to keep the quality of the device remains not only acted to prime the engine. But for most music lovers dikabin sound it must also be done. Because the devices are included in this electronic lined certainly often activated by the user while inside the cabin. And it not only takes an 1 hour but can be more than 1 Hour. Moreover, which we use in vacation time or mobility with vehicle.

Well, then of the regular maintenance in order to keep the maximum necessary condition mengkroscek re-order system is used. Not bothered really, can be done alone and do not need a thorough knowledge of audio.

Foremost carefully when seeing the system. The following stages:

    Electrical track

-          One of the most important things that you should do the first time when I want to check whether your car audio excellence is a central part of an electric or battery. Check the valve, usually separate audio electrical path. Is the cable head corroded, if so try cleaning with hot water, pour slowly. Then rub gently with sandpaper is not too rough, rub repeatedly until the rest of the usual white dirt disappear. 

-          See also the fuse from the central electricity (batteries), the front of the line + / - that connects to the amplifier. Check the fuse his condition, whether loose or has been unfit for use due to've ever used. If requested input must be replaced where you mensett audio installer, because it concerns the value of the fuse capacity, must not wear because of fears of surge current.

-          Is the last of a series of electrical lines connecting the cable to the amplifier. Check carefully whether the condition of the cable that extends from the center of the battery is still in good condition. If not, immediately replace it with a new and appropriate standards. If the condition is still worth taking, check the power cord, feared tenuous. Both cables stun, ground or remote. 

    Audio Devices

-          For lovers of the cabin carpet, taking care to stay healthy head unit is an obligation. Moreover, the cost of repair or buy a new one is quite expensive. Start with the most important thing, which operate as much as possible the use of remote control. Understandably, this is to prevent direct finger touch excessive. Well, if the touchscreen is dirty, you can clean it with a damp tissue and immediately cleaned with a soft cloth to wipe the glass as well as the eye. Meanwhile, for the treatment of 'offal' in the head unit, please adoption head cleaner sold in the market, especially when you've found a dusty cabin symptoms. Additionally wear original CDs aka not pirated. Solid discs are not original, tend to be heavier and more burden on the optics inside the head unit.  

-          Then when you include hobbyist hear music in the cabin system in the long term. The good media select the usb cable to set the format of MP3, MKV, JPEG and the like. Because with this automated optical media not too experienced hard work, because of the active support of media directly applied to the head unit. 

-          Last but not least check out the speakers, especially midbass use doortrim original holder. Is still in serviceable condition, because there is a lot of car owners who have upgraded their vehicle audio midbass've often found the corrosion due rembesan rain water from the door.

Bf you belong to the category who did not bother, tune up can be done in a variety of professional audio stores. "Anywhere from  100 to 250 thousand rupiah’an depending on the system that will be used” jelas Andi, installer from Impala Auto Fashion workshop, Purwokerto.

In the quotation from Autostereo Magazine issue # 120, rubric Installer Tips

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