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Frequency Resonance : 100Hz
Frequency Response
Mid : 90Hz - 8KHz
Tweeter : 4KHz - 25KHz
Power Handling : 25Watts
Sensitivity : 89dB
Impedance : 4Ohm
Size : 3”
Concentric Cone’s Material : Ceramic
Terminal Input : 2x
    1 for Mid
    1 for Tweeter
Dimension Diameter : 7“
Height : 2,75”



There are six dual concentric speakers awesomeness on this. First, the cone is used Genetic rely CST 3 ceramic material. This material has high rigidity index. Just to know, the rigidity index showed a combination of stiffness and lightness of the material.

Second, the conical stiffness will produce sound accuracy, while drought cone to obtain high sound sensitivity value. It is understandable if listening music sound speaker sprayed CST 3, we will be easy to get swept up in the atmosphere of the song.

Thirdly, with the tweeter is placed in the middle konusnya, make these speakers blend as fullrange speakers. Only difference, fullrange speakers susceptible to roll off at high frequency area. Dual concentric inillah technology solutions to overcome weaknesses fullrange speakers. As a result of dual concentric speaker's response can reach a frequency of 100 Hz - 20 kHz, although from a 3-inch speakers.

Fourth, the tweeter position is in the middle of the speaker cone, making the arrival of the tweeter and mid unison sound to the ear. This is different from coaxial speakers, where the tweeter came first to the ear being the voice of the speaker midbassnya come later. This is why dual concentric known as a one point source technology. One point source technology easily achieve coherence between the two speakers sound. This is the most hunted the world auto installer.

Fifth, because underneath the frequency response can achieve 100Hz, then to get an impression of the music stage on the dashboard easily achieved.

Sixth, from the installation, especially the timber in the work of saving time than make two home mid and tweeter speakers.

Of all the advantages that should not be forgotten Genetic Dual Concentric CST 3 marketed at decent prices.r.

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