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Frequency Response : 500Hz-20KHz
Frequency Resonance : 500Hz
Sensitivity : 91dB/1Watt/1Meter
Power Handling : 25Watts
Size : 2"
Cone's material : Soft Dome
Character Sound : Dynamic & Soft
Diameter : 2,75"


: 1,96"


There are several types of tweeters, including electrostatic tweeters and dome tweeter. Electrostatic tweeter speakers that rely on aluminum foil as a membrane generally produce better high frequency response, can reach 25kHz. The weakness in the lower part frequency response which also tend to be high so that his voice thin. Instead, dome tweeters generally have lower frequency response is better but the frequency response at the top tend to roll off at a frequency of 12-16 kHz, so the sound produced sounds stump.

Dome tweeter Genetic Prelude kicked off with a minor break the assumption of the dome tweeter. There are several advantages Genetic Prelude:

First, Genetic Prelude attractive design with a choice of materials that have long durability.

Secondly, Genetic Prelude is designed to produce a wider frequency response well below the response and the response it.

Third, for the upper frequency response, Genetic Prelude is capable of generating a frequency response above 16 kHz, even after 20kHz, new Prelude to experience the natural roll off. Therefore minor allegations against dome tweeter voice stump it is disproved by the Prelude.

Fourth, for the frequency response of the bottom, Prelude produce resonance frequency <Fs> reach 500Hz. This low value of Fs makes Prelude friends with any midbass speakers. This is because the response below 500Hz will be easy Prelude achieve cross-over with the midbass speakers usually have the upper frequency response of about 2 kHz to 8 kHz.

Fifth, from the choice of materials and a wide frequency response causes Genetic Prelude mid capable of producing sound weighty and airy. This is being pursued by the designer of the world's top speakers, because generally they only faced with a choice; maximizing the top or bottom. Because the tweeter is capable of generating sound warm and airy, and dyanamic and soft, it was terrible!

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