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Technical Specs
Frequency Response : 30-20kHz
Power Handling : 50 Watts
Sensitivity 88dB/Watt/Meter
Impedance : 4Ohm
Size :

6" Midwoofer

1,5' Tweeter

Xover : 12dB/octaf

Cone's Material MidBass

: Paper
Cone's Material Tweeter Silk Dome




With the basket technology anti ringing of the cone is made of paper, perfect crisp vocal timbre and coherence with the tweeter trim.

Standard with the car audio system is sometimes unsatisfactory. To get the maximum satisfaction Genetic-Foss offers two-way speakers Foss FS 1. There are several advantages of speakers Foss FS 1.

First, the material that is used as a speaker cone midbass made from paper. Speakers made from paper-known reliable to reproduce sound with a vocal timbre that is crisp.

Second, the speaker made from light weight paper resulting in high sensitivity. Therefore, these speakers do not need to be driven with a large amplifier. Amplifier with a small force from the head unit was enough to power the speakers. With so the audio system to be efficient.

Third, Genetic-Foss to make a breakthrough on this speaker to address the ringing sound distortion. Usually speakers rely basket of thin plate material, but this thin plate impact ringing distortion.  Frame Foss FS 1  replace thin plate material with rigid polypropylene that is not easily resonate that be ringing, which in turn will lower the sound quality.

Fourth, tweeters used in Foss FS 1 have perfect finish so that the tweeter is luxurious look when mounted on the dashboard.

Fifth, passive crossover that sort field work midbass and tweeter speakers Foss FS 1 does not use generic crossover, but actually researched in several cars with acoustic factors into account in the car. With so sound produced sound balance, both at low frequency, medium and high. Therefore the quality and efficient option for Foss FS 1.

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