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Technical Specs
Frequency Response : 20 - 20 kHz
Power Handling  : 75Watts
Sensitivity 88dB/Watt/Meter
Impedance : 4Ohm
Size :

6,5" Midwoofer

4" Tweeter

Cone's Material : Paper



With a blend of controlled midbass speakers and tweeters that produce a soft sound, making Foss Fs 5 ready to reproduce dynamic sound and mellow music.

So hold the speaker Foss FS 5 can sense the greatness behind his appearance. There are several advantages of Foss FS 5 are offered in two-way speaker system; mid and tweeter. First, generally midbass speakers in the car less well in control cone movement. The ability of the speaker to brake suddenly when there is no signal to the speakers of which rely on the role of a magnet. The size of a large magnet and the ability to reproduce the magnetic field control capability makes midbass Foss FS 5 different with speakers in its class.

Second, relying FS5 Foss tweeter material of silk dome capable of reproducing sound up to 20 kHz, so the sound of the mid high tersimak crispy and airy at high frequencies. With the size of the speaker's lips <flares> up to 4 inches to make a tweeter that has a wide dispersion so that the sound produced is not forward, even devour transient sounds smooth and reliable attack-decay textures reveal sound at high frequencies.

Third, passive crossover that sort field work midbass and tweeter speakers Foss FS 5 does not use generic crossover. Passive crossover actually researched in several cars with acoustic factors into account in the car, so that the resulting sound frequency balance of low, medium and high.

Fourth, the resulting balance of tone and reliability in controlling dynamic sound speaker speakers make Foss FS 5 ready lauched by tight but still balance in reproducing sound. Thus, although lauched with strong voice, but it does not hurt the eardrum.

Therefore Foss FS 5 be appropriate for the system of choice for Sound Quality <SQ> and Sound Quality Loud <SQL>. Especially when fed a steady diet Foss FS 5 large power amplifier or amplifiers which doubled his strength, then we know the awesomeness of this speaker.

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