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Technical Specs
Frequency Response : 100Hz - 20 kHz
Power Handling  : 20Watts
Sensitivity 92dB/Watt/Meter
Impedance : 4Ohm
Size : 2"



The size of the small speakers, but produces a wide response. So that a solution to car audio world.

To create the impression of a stage at the top of the dashboard is required speakers who have good low frequency response. Midbass speakers did have a good low frequency response, but the size is generally 4-6 inch speakers are not beautiful to the eye when mounted on the dashboard. Speaker Foss provides the best solution because it has the advantage bebearapa.

First, these speakers have a wide response, which covers an area of finite frequency tweeter midbass frequencies. Second, teristimeewa small measure is only 2 inches, making it appear beautiful speaker when mounted on the dashboard. Third, the construction of the speakers, especially in the basketball section has a wide space so as not to impede the flow of air from dorongann cone. Fourth of konsutruks, both magnets, voice coil, spider, rubber surround and konusnya not only produces a wide frequency response but also produce high accuracy so that the speaker sound is a solution in sound quality contest to receive a proportional soundstage.


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