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This 3-inch midrange speakers provide a solution to create a sound stage on the dashboard for any two-way speakers, when applied in an active system.

To optimize the impression of a stage on the dashboard is required and get the luxury sound system with three-way sorting work areas corresponding frequency area. Midbass speakers reliable lower frequency area, a reliable midrange speaker to reproduce sound in the medium frequency area, being reliable tweeters produce sound at high frequencies. Reliability of these three areas of work when combined will have its own awesomeness. Foss midrange speakers provide a solution to the world of car audio because of several advantages. First, Foss midrange speakers can be combined with two-way speaker system in the market. Second, the design and construction of Foss Audio Labs research team in selecting and combining both of magnetic material, spider, cone and surround from fabric that dicoating produce sound kuualitas no doubt kerenyahannya so easily combined with midbass speakers, and tweeters into the system three -way. If the design and construction of the midbass and tweeter speakers offset Foss midrange speakers will create reliability in a single three kedashsyatan sound quality. Third, ukuaran these speakers are not so great, measuring 3 inches, so it's still beautiful when in the eye when mounted on the dashboard.

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