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Foss Muscle Series Amplifier

The casing is made of aluminum die cast fairly thick makes this seem burly power amplifier, although the real function is to eliminate the heat that arises when optimum performance. On the other hand, do not leave the aesthetics, so saputan gold color of Foss Muscle Series looks very exclusive, and is suitable for users who want to display the figures.

As the name implies Muscle, which means "muscular" in addition to a solid body, evidenced by large power output of 4 channels up to 100 watts perkanal, so this feature is sufficient to handle the range fullrange speakers in general. Not to mention if applied to bridge mode, it will result in greater power again.

In addition to multi-function capabilities of Foss Muscle Series, various configurations can be done in more detail through the facilities of band pass filter settings and gain control, in order to obtain compliance with the various drivers. It is very easy for the installer to get the desired sound character.

If you want to apply for mendrive midrange speakers, can take advantage of features variable high pass filter are available, while for mendrive subwoofer, low pass filter is a feature that can also be set in a variable. Even if you are not satisfied with the appearance of bass to make it more "punch" is provided can utilize bass boost feature is available with the power of up to 12 dB.

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