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Technical Specs
Frequency Response : 5kHz - 40 kHz
Power Handling  : 15Watts
Sensitivity 94dB/Watt/Meter
Impedance : 4Ohm
Size :


Material : aluminium foil


Electrostatic speakers generally applied to reproduce a high frequency, because it generally super tweeter speakers applying electrostatic technology. There are several types of electrostatic speakers, including ribbon speakers and water motion transformers <amt>. And other models as applied to Foss Ortho. The only difference between the speakers Foss Ortho with other types of electrostatic speakers are in construction. Ribbon speakers rely on aluminum foil in the form of strands, while the AMT strands of aluminum foil was dilekuk-dent to obtain high accuracy. Foss Ortho foilnya aluminum construction in the form of a circle following the construction of dynamic speakers who are generally circular. If you look at the dynamic speakers, large conical speakers tend to produce low frequencies and the smaller cone produces a high frequency. By doing so, the conical construction in circumference Palling verges reproduce low frequencies and circumference towards dustcap reproduce higher frequencies. The concept of the circle is applied to the dynamic speaker Ortho Foss to produce accuracy at high frequencies.

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