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Foss DSP-6

For car audio lovers who want a complete performance, Foss DSP-6 be an attractive option, because the device filled by black color is not just a power amplifier, but has been equipped with a reliable processor module.

At first glance it looks as power amplifiers designed for 4 channel output power of each power of 100 watts, which is provided 4-lane model of RCA inputs and a coaxial digital input lines. In addition it was coupled with 4 lanes RCA outputs for additional external power amplifier.

As the name implies Foss DSP-6, the amplifier built-in Digital Signal Processor capable of processing an audio signal with 6-channel output. For setting the processor, USB slot is provided for connection to a PC or Laptop using special software Foss DSP-6.

Thanks to the support chip Cirrus Logic CS47048-DQZ, then Foss DSP-6 is able to generate a digital audio signal with a resolution of 194 kHz / 32-bit per channel, which of course is included in the ranks of high-end class digital processor.

As for the amplifier, Foss DSP-6 is also designed with a powerful performance, including the use of late MOSFET power amplifier components which have a damping factor reaches above 120, so it has a very good level of control for speaker

Specification :

Output power                          4 x 100 Watt (4 Ohm),

4 x 198 Watt (2 Ohm),

2 x 360 Watt (4 Ohm Bridge)

Input sensitivity                      0.21~2.4 V

S/N ratio                                  90 dB

Frequency response                 20 – 20.000 Hz

Total harmonic distortion        0.08%

Damping factor                       > 120


Dimension (L x W x H):         446×190×54 mm

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