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Construction and material became the basis for calculating lambda, so the sound is transferred in an appropriate lambda.

For entry-level audio highend available options Foss MK2 RCA cable. This cable has several advantages. First, it relies on cables pure copper wire material <tined copper> reliable in delivering the audio signal.

Second, the combination of the head of RCA very appropriate that the voice signal can be delivered in a state as it should be.

Third, Foss MK 2 RCA cables using cable protective material that can resist attack interference to keep the sound signal remains stable as the original.

Fourth, the material used in the RCA cables Foss MK 2 accounted entirely for the right lambda, so we get a variety of lengths that unusual. However, once the cable is plugged in, we will soon be able to distinguish between the RCA cable Foss Foss MK 2 and not the MK 2. Available in 102cm length, 275 cm, 485 cm. This cable has a balance in reproducing low-pitched frequencies, medium and high.

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