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Foss Z-One

When the audio system is integrated deemed capable of displaying quality sound, but it still can be optimized without the need to replace the head unit or speaker, of course, by utilizing sound processor.

Indeed, with extra sound processor, for most car audio enthusiasts still considered to be drained pockets deeper, even seem too extreme. It can not be denied in the past, sound processor is still one expensive component, but Foss Z-One is able to provide the right solution, of course, with a budget that is very affordable.

Before further review Foss features Z-One, please note that the sound processor is processing the sound of the head unit, before it is piped into the speakers, where the results if the sound is dependent on the ability of the sound processor.

If at first sound processor is designed to help the audio installer when the audio tuning in the car cabin, but now with the development of technology, it is expected any car owner can do their own audio settings easily to produce the desired sound performance.

Foss presence of Z-One, of course, will be very helpful in improving the audio quality up to the level of high end, because it is supported by a myriad of features that are not half-hearted.

This is evidenced by the ability to produce 8 channels of digital signal processors, each channel can be set separately, both 16 band equalization process including setting 8 slope X-Over mode (all channels, all the band) that can be set in the extreme.

Not to mention the time alignment feature that can be set from 0.021 milliseconds to 15 milliseconds, allowing users to specify the time came the sound according to the desired position of the listener.

Foss processor-based Z-One digital technology updates are also equipped with a DSP controller which will give the room a more natural effect, as if you are invited into a large-scale concert hall. Ease of operation of the Z-One is also a top priority, including input lines are provided in the form of coaxial and optical, can even upgradable process can be done via a Windows PC.

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