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Frequency Response : 35Hz-8KHz
Power Handling : 50 Watts
Sensitivity : 90dB/Watt/Meter
Impedance : 4Ohm
Size : 6,5"
Cone's material : Titanium
Diameter : 7"
Height : 3,9"



At first glance, the design of Genetic TN 6.5 midbass speakers seems simple. Yet behind the simplicity of it, stored seriousness in designing all the components used in the mid-bass speakers.

Both the selection frame, spider, rubber surround and speaker grill even selected based on careful calculations.

Its skeleton rely die cas iron frame, looks voice coilnya using fine wire silvery. Selected types of spiders that use soft materials, flexible and strong.

Conical speakers using titanium material with a special coating, so get the effect of the conical stiffness that will generate a boost accuracy when the speaker cone to move forward and backward.

The size of a large magnet on the speakers prepared to devour agile transient and controllable. Extreme testing performed on these speakers, especially with regard to the ability of the voice control. This is why this 6.5 speaker TN Genetic reliable control the sound.

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