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RMS into 4Ohms : 500W x 1
RMS into 2Ohms : 400W x 2
Max into 4Ohms : 1100W x 1
Max into 2Ohms : 2200W x 1
Power Supply : MOSFET
In and output : RCA
Stability : 2Ohm
Lowpass filter : 40 - 150Hz
Subsonic filter : 15 - 55Hz
Bass Boost : 0 - 12 dB
Bass Remote Controller



As Diesel engine torque, amplifer Killtec ready to stomp subwoofer with great power handling.

To get a stern voice bass punch needed amplifiers with good slewrate. As the power or torque in a Diesel engine, high value slewrate ready to stomp cone subwoofer. Ampilfier Killtec Monoblock 2200D prepared to stomp cone subwoofer that has a large power handling. This Ampifier appear grim, dominated with black style that describes the courage of this amplifier. In the right panel there is a power terminal, fuse, and bridging arrangements with the recommended minimum impedance of 2 ohms. In the left panel available for setting features bass boost, subsonic filter, low pass filter, and the setting level. Input and output terminals are also in the left panel.

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