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Frequency Response : 35Hz-5KHz
Power Handling : 15 Watts
Sensitivity : 85dB
Impedance : 4Ohm
Size : 6,5"Midwoofer
Cone's material : Ceramic
Diameter : 7"
Height : 3,9"


Selection of the appropriate cone material is extremely difficult. This is because the search for these provisions there are two things that are opposite to each other. For a speaker cone material needed rigid and lightweight. Light cone materials needed to produce the sensitivity of the speakers. But generally lightweight speaker cone material susceptible to flexion thus destroying accuracy. In contrast, rigid speaker cone material (taft) needed to maintain the accuracy of sound propagation time of diffraction and refraction. Unfortunately, rigid materials tend to be heavy so that the lower the value of sensitivity and efficiency speakers. Compromise both exist on the material of the conical ceramic material. Ceramic has a high rigidity index. This rigidity index to compare between rigidity and lightness of the material. This material is used in the midbass speakers Genetic CR 6.5. What distinguishes the ceramic on ceramic speakers with speakers Genetic other is the accuracy in the combine. This opinion reversing the audio enthusiast, that sounds dry tersimak ceramic speakers, does not apply to Genetic ceramic speakers. This is the secret why Genetic CR 6.5 speakers dominate tonal accuracy in any car audio contest.

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