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Materials : mixed pure copper and silver
RCA Head : silver 
Shielding : silk mixed with nylon



Avoid direct current resistance value <RDC> great on a wire is very important. Because a large resistance will suck power amplifier so that the effect on the sound level. Conversely, if little resistance as if the sound emitted from the speakers have great power.

Genetic Silver Series RCA cables use silver-coated materials. The composition of mixing between these pure ingredients make this cable resistance approaching zero. Because of its resistance is small then, as if the sound signal that passes through this cable as it undergoes the process of amplification. Indeed not happen amplification but little resistance values make the sound signal is not obstructed. What is special about Genetic Silver Series RCA cable is tested appeal Genetic another RCA cable, RCA Jack is on his. In Genetic Silver Series RCA uses material from silver.

Silver material is its very low resistance. This is important because it relates to an audio component for the US. As a result, when using using Genetic Silver Series RCA cables not decrease during a process of delivering quality signal to the amplifier.


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