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Materials : mixed pure copper and silver
RCA Head : cardas OEM
Shielding : silk mix with nylon



In each element contained wiring resistance, capacitance and inductance. If the composition of a large resistance will decrease the sound level. If the dominant capacitance element in a cable, the cable will provide sound color flavor skip the high-pass high frequencies. Therefore, the resulting sound will be transparent. Similarly, if the inductance element that dominates, then the cable gives a taste lowpass skip low frequency, so that the sound produced tersimak weighs.

Cable material generally uses material from pure copper or silver or a mixture of these two materials. Both copper and silver are both a metal material that retains the resistance. That makes little resistance is at the level of purity of the metal. The more pure a little more metal is also resistance. Genetic RCA cable Special Edition pure cooper rely N8 very low resistance value, thus bypassing the cable is not so experienced barriers that lowers noise levels. Copper has an inductance so that when the composition contains copper larger then the cable is suitable to produce a weighted sound output. In addition to copper, silver kabell uses to menjenihkan sound textures. Comparison between pure copper and silver about 80% and 20%.

Genetic RCA cable Special Edition uses the head of WBT RCA jack in a reliable signal transfer in the terminal connection. As a result of sound produced membuaat texture in the mid-frequency area so real, vocal sounds weighty and midlownya trengginas tersimak devour transient, For people who are looking for heavy-weighted sound and then the RCA cables Genetic Special Edition solution.

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