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Frequency Response : 22Hz-200Hz
Power Handling : 40 Watts
Sensitivity : 90dB
Impedance : 4Ohm
Size : 10"Subwoofer
Cone's material : Ceramic & Polypropelene
Diameter : 10,4"
Height : 5,5"


Bass sound that makes us involve; to music. Because the subwoofer that produces becomes vital in the car audio system. Not easy a subwoofer deliver sound textures at low frequencies, but the subwoofer Genetic menyanggupinya 10Z. There are several advantages of Genetic 10Z subwoofer.

First, blend the subwoofer cone material. We know of ceramic materials that have a high index of rigidatas reliable in generating sound accuracy. However, these ceramic materials are prone to large power boost amplifier. Because the subwoofer will receive a large boost of energy from the amplifier, then the ceramic material needs to be combined with a reinforcing material. To add to the strength of ceramic material material is combined with polypropylene, so the subwoofer cone Genetic 10 Z, besides taft, lightweight, strong also. With the combination of these materials, subwoofer Genetic 10 Z is able to display the texture noise at low frequencies.

Second, the conical ceramic material known to have a high sensitivity. This high sensitivity helps the amplifier. With this subwoofer, amplifier does not need ngoyo in its work, because the subwoofer requires little power from the amplifier to produce sound. This differs from the 10Z Genetic subwoofer subwoofer on the market. Therefore, genetic amplkifier not available features -because bridging the pure amplifier design suitable to power this subwoofer.

Third, the amplifier that works ngoyo also will produce distortion proportionally. So much energy spent the greater the distortion dihalsikan. Conversely, the more casual work, the smaller amplifier also generates distortion. Because of the sensitivity of the Genetic subwoofer 10 Z that require little power amplifier, the distortion of issuance is also small. As a result, the sound emitted subwoofer 10Z Genetic clear, because it was-yes-the lack of distortion that infiltrate from the amplifier. Bravo!

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