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DEALER CERTIFICATE FORMULA VARIASI Congratulations to Mr. Hendra , the owner of Formula Variasi audio workshop , Tasikmalaya , West Java , on dedication to developing products in the area of ​​Genetic - Foss Tasikmalaya , West Java .
SUBWOOFER FOSS ANDANTE Andante become one of the latest line-up subwoofer Foss . This subwoofer using a cone of material supported polypropelene basket of thick plate with gold color . Rigid plastic wrapped magnet . In the middle of the pole piece magnets available to assist in the voice coil…
THREE-WAY FOSS MCO Ouch ! We want to cry to hear the sound output from the three-way speakers Foss MCO < blend midbass speakers Foss MT2 , Cadenza 3 inch fullrange speakers , and super tweeter Ortho > . Touching ! Because, with the composition of the three-way passive crossover…
GENETIC CHAMPION ASIA IN CARS GATRA Genetic Car Coverage titled "Asian Champions" in the magazine Slot Cars, Slot Cars 2015 March issue of giving special attention, as shown by the 2 pages created just for show cars spread frontal side and the title of champion ASIA. Reviews on the next…
MOTOR MAGAZINE COVERAGE Car Coverage Champions Masters " GENETIC ASIA CHAMPION " MOTOR magazine . For about the Mitsubishi Grandis car audio is decent media coverage . What article ? Because only Genetic, brand audio world for the champions . Genetic which only full system included in the top 5…
THREE-WAY FOSS MCO Ingin menangis rasanya mendengar keluaran suara dari speaker three-way Foss MCO <perpaduan speaker midbass Foss MT2, speaker fullrange Cadenza 3 inch, dan super tweeter Ortho>. Mengharukan! Pasalnya, dengan komposisi three-way passive cross over lengkap, midbass-MT2 gesit menghentak suara depth bass, speaker full range mendayu sendu melantunkan suara…
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