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GOOD NEWS FROM MAKASSAR Congratulations on the victory Henpri, Audio Style, Makassar, Indonesia, as champion 2 FFA EMMA Sound Quality Car Audio Contest, 14 Maret 2015. Using speaker Genetic Dual Concentric, midbass Genetic CR 6.5, amplifier Genetic 4100.
GENETIC AND COMMUNITY AUTOMOTIVE Genetic togethers with the automotive community in Caffeine , SCBD , South Jakarta, 15 Maret 2015 . Attending a community of AXIC and Velozity . The event was enlivened by the presence of top model Jakarta .
 RCA CABLE GENETIC COMPETITION-WBT RCA cable ready - blind tests with cables of any brand and any price is Genetic RCA Cable . There are two cables Genetic Reference series and Competition series . Both about the same only offered for different tastes . For RCA cable Genetic Refeerence already…
RCA Cable : FOSS ENGLAND RHODIUM Rhodium including rare material from the platinum group , as contained in platinum or nickel ore . It is highly resistant to corrosion and attack other aggressive chemicals . Usually rhodium combined with platinum or palladium as a coating to resist corrosion attack and…
RCA Cable: FOSS COMPETITION SILVER SERIES Foss has attended RCA cables Competition Silver Series. Silver material is very vital for the transfer of voice signal. Why? Sound signal will be enlarged culminating in a meeting between the head of RCA and terminal amplifier. If the signal up in the head…
GENETIC INAUGURATION AS BRAND CHAMPION ASIA Jakarta, 16 Februari 2015, Hotel Aston, Cengkareng .There are many brands of car audio in the world, but of the many that few have the courage to go in the contest EMMA. And of those few, there is only one brand full system who…
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