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Congratulation Mr.Dyayan - Wheel Audio Bali, 2nd place Emma 2k on 21 November 2015 at Bali using Foss 3way speaker, Foss amplifier Muscle Series.
Congratulation !!! Mr.Erwin-Digital Audio, 3rd place Emma Master Unlimited Asia Final on 25 november 2015 at Living World Alam Sutera, South Tangerang. Using ZR tweeter Saturn, ZR midrange 12M, ZR midbass 18W, Genetic rca Competition Series, Genetic speaker cable Reference Series.
Review FOSS Dueta MK-II As with previous versions Dueta Mk I, fullrange driver Foss made this time a pair of lovebirds who still rely on exactly the same dimensions, only the konus be different, where the Mk I backed paper materials are natural, whereas Mk II more rigid polypropylene. Foss…
Genetic B3 Harmonizer This tool was designed by Stein Music and made in Germany by a benama Mr. Stein inventor Harmonizer, which, along initially the tool was applied to audio through the products of the famous Stein Harmonizer H2, with the aim of helping the acoustic space in order to…
MEASUREMENT INDUCTANCE AND CAPASITANCE For analog audio installer , it is definitely very familiar with the affairs of solder . Good for passive components and soldering soldering others . Soldering dibuituhkan made ​​where size has been determined . To specify passive components such as capacitance and inductance measurement tools needed…
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